Brix Probe

TankNET® Brix Probe

Continuous Brix Measurements For Superior Fermentation Control

The TankNET® BP-7826 is an insertion density sensor that can easily be incorporated into process piping or wine tanks to provide continuous Brix measurement during fermentation.

As an integral part of the TankNET® fermentation control system, the BP-7826 facilitates the effortless acquisition and web reporting of real-time fermentation data. This information enables TankNET® to automatically adjust must temperatures and pump-over schedules to achieve desired fermentation rates. TankNET® can detect deviations from desired rates and notify the winemaker via cell phone or e-mail well before a fermentation stalls or gets "stuck."


  • Helps Eliminate Stuck Fermentations
  • Improves Quality & Consistency
  • Reduces Labor


  • Brix Accuracy 0.1%
  • Brix Range -10.0° to 35.0°
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation
  • IP-66 Rated Enclosure
  • Compatible with TankNET® TC-1 Controller