TC-1 Controller

TankNET® TC-1 Controller

An Indispensable Winemaking Tool

Inspired by winemakers and engineered to the highest standards, the TC-1 Controller is redefining the role of the thermostat in winemaking.

This next-generation control product provides accurate and reliable temperature control with a host of industry-specific features and expansion options that enable winemakers to more easily and effectively manage fermentations during harvest.

As an integral part of the TankNET® control system, the TC-1 facilitates the effortless acquisition and reporting of key fermentation data generated in the cellar. Whether entered manually or automatically acquired with the TankNET Continuous Brix Monitoring option, critical fermentation data is never farther away than your nearest browser.

With such a long list of exclusive features, it’s no wonder the TC-1 has become the wine industry’s leading fermentation control product.

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