TankNET offers the industry’s best selection of affordable temperature control hardware and web-based fermentation management software for any need and budget.

Available Features

Precise Temperature Control

Whether you choose our wire-less tank-mount controllers or behind-the-scenes touch panel solution, TankNET provides precise and reliable temperature control and complete fermentation management from anywhere.

In-Depth Fermentation Tracking

Track, graph and report all aspects of each fermentation. Unlimited data capture including brix, temperature, pump-over and aeration, lab data, tasting notes and data from 3rd-party winery production software.

Alerts & Alarm Notifications

Catch temperature issues early and be alerted to problems with chillers and other crucial equipment before damage to your wine or beer occurs.

Scheduled Pump-Over & Aeration

Automate pump-overs with optional venturi for any number of tanks. Schedule pump-overs based on date-time or trigger dynamically using brix or temperature stratification.

Real-Time Brix Monitoring

Add real-time brix measurement to your control solution with a precision industrial-grade in-line densitometer capable of scaling as brix, baumé or specific-gravity.

Cellar and Barrel Room Control

Precisely and efficiently control your cellar and barrel room environments with TankNET®. Integrate and remotely manage 3rd-party fan control panels or use TankNET PM-Series purpose-built controls to manage cellar temperature, humidity, night-air cooling and CO2 exhaust.

Dynamic Chiller & Heater Control

Dynamically control your glycol heaters and chillers based on actual demand in the cellar. TankNET automatically adjusts equipment set points, pump speeds and compressor staging to achieve optimal efficiency and reduce equipment down-time.

Production Software Integration

TankNET® seamlessly integrates 3rd party software solutions such as VinTrace, BREWW and others, thus eliminating double entry and providing a complete view of your operation.

Intelligent Energy Management

TankNET offers a range of tools designed to help you better manage and monitor energy usage in your winery - without jeopardizing your wines.

Tank-Mounted Controllers

PL-1 Thermostat

The simple and ruggedized bestseller

  • Wire-less Networking
  • Up to 2 Temperature Probes
  • Cool, Heat and Auto Control
  • IP-67 Rated
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TC-1 Controller

A smart and capable cellar companion

  • Wire-less Networking
  • Up to 2 Temperature Probes
  • Cool, Heat and Auto Control
  • Pump-over & Venturi Control
  • Brix Probe Input
  • IP-67 Rated
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Panel-Mount Controllers

PM-4 Controller

Temperature, Humidity, CO2 and Night-Air Cooling

  • Intuitive 4” Touch-Screen Interface
  • Built-In I/O Covers Many Applications
  • Ethernet Connectivity to TankNET Software
  • Supports Custom Applications
  • IP-66 Rated when Panel-Mounted
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PM-7000 Controller

Central Panel Control Solution

  • Intuitive 7” Touch-Screen Interface
  • Unlimited I/O Expansion
  • Ethernet Connectivity to TankNET Software
  • Supports Custom Applications
  • IP-66 Rated when Panel-Mounted
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Control Software


Affordable Cloud-Based Temperature Control

  • Precise Cooling/Heating Control
  • Temperature & Brix/Gravity Tracking
  • Alarm Notifications via mobile device
  • Remote Control from any web, iOS and Android device
  • For small to mid-size wineries and breweries
  • Easy upgrade to TankNET Pro with no loss of investment
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Complete Fermentation Management & Winery Integration

  • Precise Temperature Control
  • Automated Pump-Over & Venturi
  • Detailed Fermentation Tracking
  • Flexible Alarms & Warnings
  • Accessible from any web, iOS and Android device
  • Chiller, Heater & Environmental Control
  • Production Software Integration
  • Multi-level User Access
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