TankNET® Lite

Cloud-based Temperature Control

Essential Features, Affordable Pricing

TankNET® Lite is an exceptionally affordable temperature control solution designed specifically for small to mid-sized wineries and breweries.

Hosted securely in the cloud and powered by Acrolon’s new IoT Edge Server, TankNET Lite enables winemakers and brewmasters alike to monitor and control wire-less TankNET thermostats, track fermentations and receive critical alarm notifications via e-mail or cell phone, from anywhere. The system can even notify your chiller of cooling demand and fire up your boiler prior to start of your brewing day, saving you both time and money.

TankNET Lite is remarkably easy to install - requiring no network wire at the tank, no software installation and no IT expertise of any kind. This exclusive technology enables the Edge Server to reliably communicate with tank thermostats over existing electrical wires and then seamlessly and securely integrate them into the TankNET cloud.

With its simple installation, intuitive user interface and renowned customer support, TankNET Lite gives winemakers and brewmasters the control they need and the peace of mind they want at a price they can afford.

TankNET controls have already paid for themselves!

--Wayne Wambles
Brewmaster, Cigar City Brewing

Temperature Control

Whether you choose wire-less TankNET controllers or centralized touch-panel solution, TankNET Lite gives you precise and reliable temperature control from anywhere.

Fermentation Tracking

Track, graph and report all aspects of each fermentation. Unlimited data capture including brix, temperature, pump-over and aeration, lab data, tasting notes and data from 3rd-party winery production software.

Alarm Notifications

Catch temperature issues early and be alerted to problems with chillers and other crucial equipment before damage to your wine or beer occurs.

Chiller Integration

Dynamically control your glycol heaters and chillers based on actual demand in the cellar. TankNET automatically adjusts equipment set points, pump speeds and compressor staging to achieve optimal efficiency and reduce equipment down-time.

Control Solutions
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