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Harlan chooses TankNET for each of its trilogy of Napa Valley wineries.

Gentle fermentation cooling through continuous adjustment of glycol supply temperature at each tank so as to maintain desired delta-T between wine temperature and cold glycol.

Control of all indoor spaces including tank rooms, barrel rooms and general work areas.

TankNET control panels manage all air handlers, louvers, cooling & heating coils, CO2 exhaust fans and humidifiers.

Demand-based control of all mechanical equipment, including multi-stage chiller, circulation pumps, gas fired boiler and air compressor


TankNET Helps Palmaz Realize A Dream

When Christian Palmaz went looking for a technology partner to help him realize his ambitious dream, a first of its kind Fermentation Intelligence Logic Control System (FILCS), he wisely chose TankNET.

Each of his fermenters is outfitted with a TankNET PM-Series touch-screen controller that monitors brix and 23 (yes, 23!) individual temperature points per tank. Advanced algorithms control heating and cooling at each tank.

TankNET software applies interpolating math to calculate and render 3.5 million discrete temperature points inside each tank. The customized version of TankNET software is projected onto a planetarium-style dome ceiling presenting comprehensive fermentation and control data for all to see.

TankNET also uploads detailed fermentation and analytical data for each lot to the FELICS cloud computing platform for future deep learning possibilities.

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