TankNET® System Overview

All the Control and Information You Need—Any Time, Anywhere!

It is often said that knowledge is power—so TANKNET® just might be the most empowering control product available for wineries today. That’s because TANKNET gives winemakers instantaneous—anytime and anywhere—access to critical fermentation data and more. It truly puts winemakers in control of their operations like never before—enabling them to practice their craft with better and more complete knowledge of each wine lot and cellar environment.

TANKNET offers a complete line of affordable plug-n-play controls, sensors and software to fit virtually any need or budget. From wireless tank thermostats to advanced fermentation management across multiple cellars or winery locations, TANKNET delivers unmatched value, performance and expandability—bar none.

Energy management features available for TANKNET can even help wineries save on their electricity bills without compromising wine quality. Other options for TANKNET include continuous brix monitoring, scheduled pumpovers, room control (temperature, humidity, CO2 and night-air cooling), demand-based chiller and heater control and seamless integration with production software systems such as WMDB, VinX2, Blend,VinBalance and others.

With over a decade of proven reliability, product innovation and industry leading service and support, it’s no wonder TANKNET is the best selling fermentation and winery control solution in the U.S.

Call today to learn how TANKNET can help you better manage fermentations, control plant equipment and save energy.

We are very, very happy with how TankNET worked for us this year. Having so much more control over fermentation temperatures certainly had a positive impact on wine quality

Linda Trotta
Director of Winemaking
Gundlach Bundschu

TankNET® Professional Software

  • Web-browser and mobile access
  • Remote control, status and e-mail alarms
  • Temperature ramp and soak control
  • Fer mentation tracking by lotcode
  • Real-time & historical ferment graphs
  • Animated cellar map(s) / virtual tank board
  • Tank groups with sort, filter and Excel export
  • Group-wise control and data entry
  • Tank fill, move, empty and blend functions
  • Comprehensive reporting and auditing
  • Scheduling of pump-overs and ferment rates*
  • Deviation & limit alarms w/ rate-of-change delay
  • Unlimited trending and prior vintage archiving
  • Intelligent energy management*
  • Multi-user/multi-level access with audit trails
  • Easy Admin. by winemaker (new users, security , alerts)
  • Production software integration*
  • Building control system integration*
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TankNET® Lite Software

  • Intuitive Web-Browser Interface
  • Anytime/Anywhere Access & Control
  • Fermentation Tracking by Tank
  • Alarm Notifications via Cell Phone/E-mail
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Tank Controls

TankNET® PL-1 Wire-Less Thermostat

  • Calibration-free temperature control
  • Durable, water-tight enclosure
  • Single or dual probe
  • Cool, heat & auto modes
  • Input for brix probe (NEW)
  • Manual brix and pumpover entry
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TankNET® TC-1 Fermentation Controller

  • Calibration-free temperature control
  • Durable, water-tight enclosure
  • Up to 8 temperature sensors
  • Cool, heat, auto + advanced modes
  • Inputs for brix probe and level sensor
  • Manual brix and pumpover entry
  • Pump control and analog outputs*
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Central Panel Controls

TankNET® PM-4000 Controller

  • Multi-Zone Temperature Control
  • Multi-Zone Humidity Control
  • Multi-Zone CO2 Detection/Exhaust
  • Night Air Cooling
  • Multi-Stage Chiller Control/Modulated Mixing Valve Control
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TankNET® PM-7000 Controller

  • 7” WVGA Touch Screen Interface
  • IP-67 Rated Panel Mount Enclosure
  • I/O Expandable via DIN-Rail Modules
  • MicroSD Slot for Large Data Logging
  • Dual 10/100 Ethernet Connectivity
  • iOS, Android and Web Accessible via TankNET Software
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Patented Temperature Sensing

TP-1 Digital Temperature Probe

  • 100% Silicon-based temperature sensing technology
  • Laser trimmed for guaranteed +/- 0.5°C accuracy
  • Requires No Calibration
  • Available in Eight Factory Preset Addresses for multiple probe applications
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Other Sensors

TankNET® BP-7828 In-Line Brix Probe

  • Continuous brix measurement
  • Accurate over entire fermentation
  • Temperature Compensation
  • Range -10.0° to 35.0° brix
  • Sanitary SS for direct insertion
  • Durable IP-66 rated housing
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TankNET® Humidity Probe

  • Full 0 ... 100 %RH measurement
  • Fixed and remote probe models
  • Display option available
  • Chemical Resistant
  • IP65 (NEMA 4) housing
  • NIST traceable (certificate included)
  • Compatible with TankNET® TC-1 Controller*
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TankNET® GMP-343 CO2 Probe

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Winery Integration

Chiller Monitoring & Control

  • Web monitoring & control
  • Performance trending
  • Fault detection and alarming
  • Automated set point control
  • Demand - based pump control
  • Fail-safe cooling

Barrel Room Environmental Control

  • Multi-zone temperature control
  • Relative humidity
  • CO2 detection, exhaust & alarming
  • Night-air cooling

Energy Management System Integration

  • Off-peak cooling
  • Peak load management
  • Real-Time Energy Monitoring
  • Integration with 3rd-party energy management systems

Production Software Interfaces

  • VinX2
  • The Winemaker's Database
  • WIPS
  • VinBalance
  • Others