TankNET at Cigar City Brewery

“TankNET controls have already paid for themselves!” – Brewmaster, Cigar City Brewing

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Jordan Vineyard & Winery

From trellis to table with iPad.

Classic winemaking, new technology. Click here for more.

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Winemakers Turn to Apps to Save Water, Perfect Wine

Silicon Valley meets Napa Valley. Wineries are using more smartphone technology than ever before to ensure quality and conserve water.
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TankNET at Juicebox

Winemakers combine art, science and technology for the perfect tipple

Web Based Tank Temperature Control

Justin Skladan, Cellar-tek's service and installations manager, walk you through the TankNET technology where you can control the temperature of your tanks automatically from a web-based application.

La Garde - Rodney Strong

Rodney Strong's Justin Seidenfeld shows off their new La Garde fermentation tanks complete with TankNET TC-1 controls.

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Robert Mondavi Winery automates over 300 fermentation tanks with TankNET®