• Multi-Zone Temperature Control
  • Multi-Zone Humidity Control
  • Multi-Zone CO2 Detection/Exhaust
  • Night Air Cooling
  • Multi-Stage Chiller Control/Modulated Mixing Valve Control
  • Custom Logic for Virtually Any Process Control Application

TankNET® PM-4000 Controller

Temperature, Humidity, CO2 , Night-Air and More...

The all new TankNET® PM-4000 is a powerfully versatile, multi-function controller capable of managing cellar environments, chiller equipment and a wide range custom control applications. Housed in a 1/4-DIN panel mount enclosure, the PM-4000 is available with a variety built-in I/O that’s easily expandable via DIN-rail I/O modules to accommodate complex control requirements.

A color touch screen interface makes local programming and assessment of process variables simple and intuitive. A MicroSD memory slot and a real-time clock facilitate stand-alone data logging, graphical trending, and scheduling of control tasks.

When networked to TankNET software, the PM-4000 can be remotely monitored and controlled from any web browser, iPhone and Android device. TankNET provides peace of mind with e-mail alarms, audit trails and complete control of cellar enviroments and critical plant equipment from anywhwere.

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