TC-1 Controller

TankNET® Software Comparison Chart



Software Features
Intuitive Web Browser Interface
Anytime-Anywhere Accessibility
Basic Animated Cellar Map: Dynamically updated cellar map present tank temperatures, mode and alarm status.
Custom Animated Cellar Maps: Graphical winery navigation and dynamically updated cellar maps present tank temperatures, lot codes, fill-levels, pump-over status, last Brix, thermostat set point, mode and alarm status.
Brix/Temperature Graphs:
Fermentation Graphs By Lot Code: Including Brix, temp, pump-overs, valve status and set points.
Real-Time / Historical Fermentation Reports
Prior Vintage Archives: Allows winemakers to view graphs and run reports against archived data from previous vintages.
Flexible Tank Lists: Presents tanks by group in flexible data tables, complete with column sorting, row editing, saved column and filter-sets and data exporting.
Temperature Alarm Notifications: Temperature alarms via cell phone and email.
Scheduler: Allows winemakers to schedule control changes by date/time or by event (e.g, Brix reaches 12.6, pump-over for 20 minutes and change set point to 88F).
Multi-Level User Access: Allows winemakers to select what type of access to give TankNET users (e.g., read-only, limited access or full access).
Tasting/Blend Notes: Allows users to entry and track an unlimited number tasting notes or comments about a particular wine lot.
Comprehensive Auditing: Tracks control changes made in the cellar and throughout the software so winemakers can audit who changed what, when and to what value.
Manual Brix Entry: Allows Brix to be entered manually at the tank or through the software.
Automatic Brix Measurements: Augments hands-on winemaking by providing real-time Brix measurements via BP-7828 Brix Probe
TankNET® Support Website: Access to Acrolon's support site, including "how to" articles and tutorials as well as advance information about up-coming software releases. Available to TankNET support subscribers only.
Energy Management Options
Chiller Integration: Web monitoring and control of chiller operating parameters, including two way communications for demand feed back and load shedding.
Setback Cooling: Chill selected tanks a few degrees below set point during off-peak hours when energy costs are lower. This can help reduce cooling demand during the day.
Required Hardware
TankNET® Lite Smart Server
TankNET® Professional Web-Server Appliance